After my talk at New England Moot earlier in the year, I was invited to be on the Longwinded One podcast as part of their series on language.

I talked a little bit about my own history (both with computers and linguistics), the history of classical philology, comparative philology, and Germanic philology; Tolkien as philologist, the early 20th century view of philology as a “German science” and the division between language and literature; the linguistic history of the Elves; Tolkien’s works as the (potential) subject of philological study; digital philology and digital humanities, literary and linguistic computing; distant reading vs close reading; the Perseus Digital Library and the Digital Tolkien Project; marking up named entities; analysing direct speech; using computers to help do this; the challenges of copyright; how to collaborate with the Digital Tolkien Project; Dungeons and Dragons; the constraints of books that can be overcome digitally, especially applied to History of Middle-earth.

You can listen to it here.