Old Norse Keyboard Guide (macOS)

It is not necessary to download any special keyboard to enter Old Norse on macOS.

The following should mostly work on the default Input Source (only thorn þ doesn’t work on US keyboards). I recommend using the ABC - Extended Input Source which includes thorn and can still be used as your everyday keyboard for English.

In the table below, is the option key, so ⌥-e means hold down the option key and press e.

Note that the dead key and hold-to-select-alt methods produce single, precomposed characters whereas the combining character method produces two separate characters: the base plus a combining diacritic. This should be indistinguishable in display but may behave differently in text editors or when processing.

  single characters dead key method combining character method hold-to-select-alt method
á   ⌥-e a a ⌥-shift-e hold a press 2
é   ⌥-e e e ⌥-shift-e hold e press 2
í   ⌥-e i i ⌥-shift-e hold i press 3
ó   ⌥-e o o ⌥-shift-e hold o press 4
ú   ⌥-e u u ⌥-shift-e hold u press 4
ý   ⌥-e y y ⌥-shift-e  
æ ⌥-'     hold a press 5
œ ⌥-q     hold o press 5
ø ⌥-o     hold o press 6
ǫ   ⌥-m o o ⌥-shift-m  
ö   ⌥-u o o ⌥-shift-u hold o press 2
þ ⌥-t      
ð ⌥-d