Old English Keyboard Guide (macOS)

It is not necessary to download any special keyboard to enter Old English (Anglo-Saxon) on macOS.

The following uses the ABC - Extended Input Source which includes the extra characters here and can still be used as your everyday keyboard for English. It’s also usable for Old Norse.

Note that wynn ƿ and yogh ȝ are not included, nor is the Tironian et ⁊.

In the table below, is the option key, so ⌥-a means hold down the option key and press a.

Note that the dead key and hold-to-select-alt methods produce single, precomposed characters whereas the combining character method produces two separate characters: the base plus a combining diacritic. This should be indistinguishable in display but may behave differently in text editors or when processing.

  single characters dead key method combining character method hold-to-select-alt method
ā   ⌥-a a a ⌥-shift-a hold a press 8
ē   ⌥-a e e ⌥-shift-a hold e press 2
ī   ⌥-a i i ⌥-shift-a hold i press 3
ō   ⌥-a o o ⌥-shift-a hold o press 4
ū   ⌥-a u u ⌥-shift-a hold u press 4
ȳ   ⌥-a y y ⌥-shift-a  
æ ⌥-'     hold a press 5
ǣ   ⌥-a ⌥-' ⌥-' ⌥-shift-a  
þ ⌥-t      
ð ⌥-d      
ċ   ⌥-w c c ⌥-shift-w  
ġ   ⌥-w h g ⌥-shift-w